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When shopping for a new dress, the value of a second opinion can’t be underestimated. However, for a special occasion where the input of a friend or relative elsewhere can make or break a choice, we have something clever up our sleeve.

We understand the need, when shopping for an important dress, to get the opinion of those nearest and dearest, usually by sharing pictures. But in many cases that’s worst thing you can do. Unless the lighting is perfect and the photo is professionally shot, people usually don’t look their best and the dress often takes the blame, getting an undeserved thumbs-down. After nearly forty years of dressing women for their most important occasions, we’ve used technology to our advantage and come up with a  brilliant solution…FaceTime.

We came up with the idea to loop friends and family in via video when we realized how a picture’s poor dress representation was causing problems. If the dress is “off the rack”, it often doesn’t fit perfectly at first or a different size is needed, both things a picture can’t convey.  Furthermore, clients don’t always come in with their makeup on, hair done and looking like they will when they wear the dress. However, using FaceTime allows for shoppers to have a dialogue with the viewer and add in the missing pieces so nothing is left to (mis)interpretation.

Many customers seek the second opinion of busy husbands, friends or a family member unable to come into the store. To include these important decision-makers in the buying experience, we’ll schedule a time for the client to come in prepared, try on the dress and show it to friends.

The reaction has been incredibly positive. Taking advantage of today’s technology allows you to invite someone important into the store for a quick visit. For many people, it’s about the experience as well as the dress, and this helps make everyone a part of it.


While walking down the aisle once included the sound of organ music and applause, more and more NB sketchcouples are putting it in four wheel drive and heading into nature to tie the knot.

The mothers-of-the bride and groom who come to us are looking for only the newest and best. This year, we’ve noticed an interesting trend that weddings have moved from more traditional venues out to the farm. People no longer want weddings at hotels or country clubs; a wedding at a farm is the in ultimate ceremony for 2016/2017.”

It’s important to remember that farm weddings don’t mean it’s time to break out the boots and flannels though. These brides are going for rustic chic, so you can’t dress up the same way you would at The Plaza Hotel. We recommend a dress that’s short or mid-calf, but always something festive and elegant.

Some designers lend themselves to the occasion better than others. Tasked with a very specific request, designer, Neil Bieff, created a stunning jumpsuit for a mother of the bride. Another chose a strapless dress by Pamela Roland for her daughter’s wedding on the farm. When deciding what to wear, fabric plays an important role, along with stunning prints and vibrant colors.

This year we’ve dressed mothers-of-the-bride or groom for nearly 20 farm weddings, both in the U.S. and abroad. For couples who want to keep it local, weddings have been held at Blue Hill Stone Barns in Pocantico, N.Y. or Saltwater Farm Vineyard in Stonington, Conn. as well as Gedney Farm in New Marlborough, Mass. With close proximity to the New York Metro area, many of these bucolic weddings become a weekend escape for guests. People want to make a weekend out of it. The event becomes a vacation for everyone.

As with any dress, its primary job is to make you feel beautiful. Visit us at Mary Jane Denzer in White Plains to look your best before heading to the farm this summer.

By John Haffey for The Daily Voice
Elie Saab

Elie Saab

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